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Tube 2022 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand F35


Tube 2022 Geländeplan: Halle 5

Unser Angebot


  • 05  Prüftechnik, Sensorik und Qualitätssicherung für die Rohrindustrie
  • 05.03  Produktprüfung
  • 05.03.02  Laserstrahlprüfgeräte


  • 05  Prüftechnik, Sensorik und Qualitätssicherung für die Rohrindustrie
  • 05.03  Produktprüfung
  • 05.03.08  Profil- und Geometrieprüfgeräte

Profil- und Geometrieprüfgeräte

  • 07  Software für die Rohrindustrie
  • 07.01  Software für die Konstruktion von Rohren und Rohrprodukten

Software für die Konstruktion von Rohren und Rohrprodukten

  • 07  Software für die Rohrindustrie
  • 07.02  Software für die Konstruktion von Rohrleitungssystemen

Software für die Konstruktion von Rohrleitungssystemen

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Software für die Konstruktion von Rohren und Rohrprodukten, Software für die Konstruktion von Rohrleitungssystemen

TeZetCAD AR Tube Design

New functionality in TeZetCAD makes creating pipe connections as easy as never before. A newly developed, guided measurement function lets you snap new pipes directly into place perfectly as you draw the pipe through the air – be it parallel to other existing pipes, or in guidance with an existing coordinate system. Your new pipe connections will be both accurate in their fit as well as optimized in regard to esthetics and space constraints.

By combining this advanced algorithm with the portability of a Metronor system and our continuous tracking of active LEDs, taking the design department to the shop floor was never easier.

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Produktkategorie: Profil- und Geometrieprüfgeräte, Laserstrahlprüfgeräte

M-Scan 120

Having made its debut at Control 2022, we are excited to present our new scanner, the M-Scan 120. This next-generation handheld 3D scanner provides a new level of scanning performance and convenience. Partnering with Nikon and having integrated their well-known technology, this scanner combines the best of both worlds – Nikon’s experience in scanning and Metronor’s knowledge in tracking and navigation.

Like all Metronor products, the M-Scan 120 does not need any stickers or targets to be placed on the part – just aim and scan. There is also no need to spray or treat your measurement objects as the blue laser and sensor automatically adjust to rapidly changing degrees of reflection with high contrast, highly absorbing coatings, almost mirrored surfaces, and almost transparent materials. The system continues to use Metronor’s approach of bringing the measurement equipment to the part and adapting the setup to different part sizes and measurement tasks. Accurate, high-volume measurement is easy with the M-Scan 120!

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Produktkategorie: Profil- und Geometrieprüfgeräte

Metronor SOLO - Shipyard Solution

We have created the perfect solution for workers in the shipbuilding business. It is designed for use in narrow, and not easily accessible spaces, where not even a stable floor might be available.

The special packaging makes using the system safe and simple – the system comes pre-connected and the integrated setup allows the user to start measuring within minutes. Simply open the case, set up and connect the camera and start measuring. The lightweight transport case can be carried as a backpack as well as rolled.

The system allows you to measure flanges and pipes quickly and easily. The measured data can be seamlessly transferred to the workshop as a CAD file or an automatically generated measurement report.

As for pipe measurements, draw a virtual pipe in free space avoiding obstacles as needed, to generate a 3D-CAD template that is accurate to the tenth of a millimeter. Alternatively, measure an existing pipe and send the data directly to a bending machine or export a blueprint for the shop floor.

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